What is a Regional Carbon Initiative?

If energy efficiency is considered our fifth fuel (after carbon, nuclear, wind and solar) and our single most important future source of energy, then Regional Carbon Initiatives can help us move towards a low carbon future in our cities and towns. A Regional Carbon Initiative is a partnership of city leaders, businesses, education and community [...]

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On November 6th, 2013, posted in: Latest News by Vinay Loganadan

News: Solar on the Rise; State Coalition Forms Around Carbon Pricing

From Advanced Energy Economy (By Lexie Briggs, November 1, 2013) http://blog.aee.net/news-solar-on-the-rise-state-coalition-forms-around-carbon-pricing

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Innovation in the new energy economy.

The growing demand for energy around the globe is one of the most significant issues affecting our future, and while we still rely primarily on fossil fuels, economic shifts, political upheaval and price shocks are making the development of sustainable energy sources increasingly vital. We are in a period of transition where the access to [...]

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