VerdantIS …delivers Intelligent Solutions!

We work with our clients to understand their business needs and operational challenges, and then develop and execute comprehensive programs that deliver value through process improvements, project delivery and technology solutions. Our cleantech practice helps our clients meet their energy, water, waste and indoor air quality management needs.

As PMP® certified Project Managers, Technology and Operations Consultants, Sustainability and GHG Accounting Specialists, and LEED Green Building Professionals, we have helped our clients make targeted improvements to their operations and facilities, and deliver measurable results in energy savings, improved health and safety and increased productivity, thus minimizing the opportunity for litigation and reducing wasteful spending at many levels.

Project Management & Consulting

We provide end-to-end project management services to organizations using proven industry practices to deliver programs on time and on value. We develop and execute project plans and risk mitigation strategies; and perform vendor evaluations, software and data integrations, quality audits and business continuity assessments.

Energy & GHG Emissions Management

We help organizations develop and execute targeted energy conservation and carbon reduction strategies aimed at meeting regulatory requirements for air and water quality. We also develop carbon inventories, conduct product and process life cycle assessments and institute green supply chain programs for clients interested in leveraging new marketing opportunities.

Corporate Sustainability Programs

We develop and implement comprehensive energy action plans and sustainability programs that allow clients to save money and meet their economic, social and environmental objectives. We help them operate high-performance facilities and fleets, take advantage of cleantech tax credits and incentives and set up carbon offset programs.

Business Training & Communications

We work with clients and strategic partners to develop and provide onsite and online training in project management, greenhouse gas accounting, corporate citizenship programs and energy management planning. We help to organize and make presentations at leadership and learning symposiums, corporate events and industry panels.